Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shannonsays#THANK YOU

The new background is courtesy of Miss ASS. Thank you bb. This is just for you.


And cause I'm obsessed with it and can't stop watching. And Care bear and Garfi are just too damn adorable. 

Dear Shannon, #lessonsinwearingabeanie

So, you like to wear that pink beanie. A lot. Like a lot, a lot.

And yes I know in this photo you have to play find Shannon. Peek a Boo there you are.
I C U Eddie Redmayne, y????

And in this hipster world we live in, beanies are everything, along with our scarves and our rediculous I don't need them but omg they look so cool glasses*
But come on. You look like you have a tea cosy on your head.

(Garfi's allowed to wear one because well have you seen how much hair is on that head? It has its own moon)

THIS is how you wear hipster headware and not look like a massive try hard douche. 

*see Justin Fagerlake for more try hard hipster glasses. And make sure you have a bucket handy. And while we're here, stop trying to make acting happen fagerlake. It ain't gonna happen. At all. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Shannon, #roblearnthismovesfromyou?

Rob, to properly attention seek leap you must flap your arms around and kick your leg up.  

Like this???? Yes Rob, just like that.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Shannon, #thismightbethefirsttimeiamsorry.........

I don't know how to say this, so I'll just say it. 
Yesterday I walked the snail to images like this. Well with more skin showing and some touching. 

What can i say? The thought of garfi and stone together is HOT. 

Yeah, I know garfi, I'm giving myself serious side eye to at posting this. But the thought of you and emma together is so HOT. 
I mean you're all in your Peter Parker nerdiness, she's all done up in boots and a short skirt and that black headband, with those eyes and those lips. And then you swallow with your two adams apples on your somewhat appealing giraffe neck. 

I mean I'm only human. 


Dear Shannon, #enoughwiththerabbitearsalready

So its somewhat understandable to rabbitears the boyfriend, in a hey look theres paparazzi there, lets be cute and cool and play up for the cameras.

Poor Garfi actually looks like a rabbit stuck in the headlights.
Ohhhh an interview with a co star, hahahahahahah I'll rabbitear him, I'm so smart cute and clever and omg i am so above interviews.

NO. just no. Jackson Rathbone looks like his about to slap that smirk right off your face. 


And this is why I am #notsorryshannon 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Shannon...#chucksarenotforshannon




Dear Shannon...#googlehatesyoushannon

When I Google you 
I get this

When I Google Emma

I get this


Dear Shannon...#nicetrykeeptryingshannon

KStew is a better Chola than you are


Dear Shannon...#respectgarfiwhileyoucan

Emma would drive


Dear Shannon, #youletgirlymaneatyourear


                                         This is why I am #notsorryshannon.


Dear Shannon...#eatapotato

I know you put extra calories in my food so you can be ridonk skinnier than me...

And that's why I'm #notsorryshannon

Dear Shannon...#it'sallyourfaluti'mnotsorryshannon

Andrew is gonna hook up with Emma Stone while filming Spiderman.



Dear Shannon...

90210. Need I say more?


Dear Shannon...

After you joined The O.C. it got canceled.


Dear Shannon...

You look at Gene Simmons' face every morning when you wake up.


Dear Shannon...

You showed your boobs and now you can't get a job.


Dear Shannon...

Your brother is hotter than you.