Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Shannon, #thismightbethefirsttimeiamsorry.........

I don't know how to say this, so I'll just say it. 
Yesterday I walked the snail to images like this. Well with more skin showing and some touching. 

What can i say? The thought of garfi and stone together is HOT. 

Yeah, I know garfi, I'm giving myself serious side eye to at posting this. But the thought of you and emma together is so HOT. 
I mean you're all in your Peter Parker nerdiness, she's all done up in boots and a short skirt and that black headband, with those eyes and those lips. And then you swallow with your two adams apples on your somewhat appealing giraffe neck. 

I mean I'm only human. 



  1. Oh...I am not sorry, either. NOT AT ALL!

  2. i hate to say this, because it's mean and really not like me... but shannon isn't even attractive. there, i said it. how can someone as moderately appealing as garfi, be with someone so... dull-looking? team garstone ftw.