Monday, December 20, 2010


Hi Shannon, its been a while. Soooooooooooo whats new??? Ohhhhhh yeah, the golden globe nominations. I see garfi and stone were both nominated. And then celebrated together.

But thats not why I'm here. I wanna talk about girl love.

You and Katy Perry 'eh??? Wow you look thrilled. 


Nikki and Kristen. 


I mean if you're going to kiss and have those rumours start, at least make it count. I mean who can resist the NIkki and Kristen show?? Were they lez lovahs? What's happened to their friendship? And who can forget where Mr Pattinson fits in all this. Its too delicious. 

Shannon and Katy, girl love your doing it wrong. And that is why I am #notsorryshannon.

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